Iran’s Embassy dismisses Afghan Jihadi leader’s anti-Iran statements

IRNA – Official in charge of press affairs in Iran’s Embassy in Kabul rejected statements of one of Afghan Jihadi leaders on leaving Iran, saying that the Islamic Republic has supported Afghanistan during Jihad and resistance of Afghan nation.

Hadi Ameriann told IRNA on Thursday that Iran extended backing to the Afghan nation and combatant groups in years of Jihad and resistance, which helped fulfill demands of the Muslim nation and Jihadi groups.

He further noted that in those years, a number of Afghan leaders and political figures were hosted by Iran and conducted their activities in the country.

Amerian also said that after 2001, Iran welcomed change of situation in Afghanistan and its stances were in conformity with those of Afghan government and in line with upholding the Afghans’ demand for change.

The official also contended that Iran has excellent and growing ties with Afghan government and they also have common attitude on future of relations.