Iran’s defense minister: Military exports on agenda

Press TV- Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami says exports of military equipment are on the agenda in a bid to avert chaos and bring stability to the region.

Hatami told a TV news program on Thursday that Iran’ armed forces are now self-sufficient in covering their domestic needs.

However, he said, many instabilities occur in the region due to the weakness of the regional countries, “so in order to prevent wars, we have the issue of military equipment on the agenda.”

Iran’s objectives as regards military exports are different from those of colonialist states, the defense minister noted. “We do it in order to create stability in the region.”

The Islamic Republic is determined to boost its relations with all regional and Muslim countries, Brigadier General Hatami added.

“In a region gripped by insecurity and terrorism, a defensive diplomacy can greatly help the countries and the Iranian nation as a role model of resistance supports the resistance front. Based on Islamic teachings, we are striving to uphold rights and assist all the nations that are after fighting arrogance,” he said.

Hatami also stressed that Iran’s Defense Ministry will continue its advisory support to regional countries. Iran’s military forces, he said, can provide more support if it is asked.

At Iraq’s and Syria’s requests, Iran has been providing military advisory assistance to both countries in their counterterrorism military campaigns.