Iran warns UAE to end destructive policies in region

FNA- The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman lashed out at the UAE top diplomat, Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan, for his recent remarks against Iran’s regional role as “incorrect, non-constructive and illusive”, and cautioned Abu Dhabi to stop its destructive policies.

“Unfortunately, Abu Dhabi has in recent years created lots of problems in the region for adopting adventurist policies beyond its capacities, including partnership in the cruel war and bloodshed in Yemen, attempts to occupy parts of Yemeni territories, interference in Libya and incitement of the regional states to lay siege and sanctions on other countries,” Bahram Qassemi said on Wednesday.

“They (the UAE officials) are necessitated to end these destructive and inefficient policies which foment tension,” he added.

Al-Nahyan urged Iran and Turkey on Tuesday to end what he called their “colonial” actions in Syria, signaling unease about diminishing the Persian Gulf Arab influence in the war.

Allied to Saudi Arabia, the UAE opposes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his backer Iran, and is wary of Turkey, a friend of Islamist forces the UAE opposes throughout the Arab world.

Al-Nahyan urged “the exit of those parties trying to reduce the sovereignty of the Syrian state, and I speak here frankly and clearly about Iran and Turkey.”

“If Iran and Turkey continue the same historical, colonial and competitive behavior and perspectives between them in Arab affairs, we will continue in this situation not just in Syria today but tomorrow in some other country,” Sheikh Abdullah said.

The UAE is one of the main sponsors of terrorist groups in Syria along with Saudi Arabia.