Lebanese army forces advance against ISIL at joint borders with Syria

FNA- The Lebanese army soldiers intensified military operations against ISIL near the borders with Syria, driving the terrorists out of several points.

The Lebanese army liberated several points from the ISIL militants along the Ras Balbak-Jaroud Arsal axis on Thursday, killing scores of Takfiri militants, including a terrorist commander.

They could also regain control of Haqab Khazal heights in Balbak region.

The Lebanese army’s missile and artillery units inflicted a number of casualties on ISIL terrorists after attacking one of their most important bases near the recently-freed Wadi Hamid region.

Field sources confirmed on Monday that the mountainous region at Lebanon’s border with Syria has almost been cleaned up of terrorists after Saraya Ahle Shame retreated from three main regions in Eastern Arsal following an evacuation deal with Hezbollah Resistance Movement.

The sources confirmed that the Lebanon-Syria border heights have been partially emptied of terrorists after 395 militants of Saraya Ahle Sham along with their family members left positions in the regions of al-Malahi, Wadi Hamid and Wadi al-Ajram East of Arsal.

The sources also said that almost 1,000 gunmen, who refused to leave Arsal region for Syria, handed over their arms and equipment and returned the town of Arsal to the Lebanese army monitoring.

The Lebanese army is to kick off a large-scale anti-ISIL operation to purge the region of terrorists as soon as evacuation of gunmen and their family members in Arsal is completed.