Iran ranks 5th in Intl. Army Games 2017

MNA – Iran ranks fifth place among the 28 participants of the International Army Games (IAG), with Russia, China and Kazakhstan holding the first three places respectively.

Iran ranked fifth in the 2017 International Army Games by winning one second place (Sea Cup) and two third places (artillery and drones), after Belarus and followed by Egypt.

According to the ranking of the IAG-2017, Russia holds first place (11 first, five second and four third place medals), China ranks second (seven first, two second and two third place medals) and Kazakhstan is third (with three first, six second and two third place medals).

The 2017 IAG, hosted by Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China, kicked off on July 29 and lasted through Saturday. Teams from 28 countries took part in the Games, including nine first-time participants. The Games included 28 events.