Ejei: Iran’s judiciary never let US interfere in its affairs

IRNA – Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said on Sunday that Iran’s judiciary system never let the US to interfere in its affairs as the body is quite independent.

On recent US allegations on release of dual national prisoners and other inmates, he said no one under any circumstances can trust US written contract or any other type of contracts.

Speaking to reporters, he said the Judiciary carries out its duties based on law and under no circumstances let the US interfere in its affairs.

Iran does not recognize dual nationals and such people will be brought to the court of justice, he said, adding that the US is now bullying and use the language of threats which is outdated and has no way in dealing with a powerful country such as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We do urge the US to release Iranian inmates and avoid bothering them only because Iran is out of their reach, he said.