Iran not to place any limit on its scientific progress: Spokesman

IRNA – Iran will not put any limit on its scientific and technological progress, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Friday.

Qasemi was reacting to the US officials remarks in which they accused Iran of violation of nuclear deal by launching Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carrier into the space.

Qasemi called the remarks by US State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert ‘a clear example of interference in Iran’s internal affairs and a sign of US opposition to the independent states’ scientific and technological progress’.

Iran will not take permission from any other state for its scientific activities, he said.

Qasemi referred to international bodies’ reports on peaceful nature of Iran’s activities and said, ‘International Atomic Energy agency (IAEA) has for several times confirmed Iran’s commitment to its obligations in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and it is the US government that should stop its hostile actions and breach of the nuclear deal.’

Launching satellite carrying rocket into space is Islamic Republic’s right and fully consistent with its international commitments, he noted.

Qasemi said that US officials are resorting to such baseless accusations to justify their anti-Iran measures.

He advised the US officials to avoid selling huge amounts of arms to the regional countires, adding that the US arms export has targeted the security and stability of the region.

Imam Khomeini Space Center (IKSC) officially opened with tentative launching of Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carrier into the space on Thursday.