Bahram Qassemi

Iran rejects ‘meddlesome’ White House statement

Press TV – Iran has dismissed as “unacceptable and meddlesome” a recent statement by the White House against the Islamic Republic, saying the US statesmen must use the language of respect when addressing the Iranian people.

“As it has repeatedly been proven, the Islamic Republic of Iran will never yield to any kind of bullying under any condition and the US statesmen must speak with the noble Iranian nation with the language of respect,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Saturday.

Qassemi made the comments in reaction to a Friday White House statement warning Iran of “new and serious consequences” unless all detained American citizens in Iran were released and returned.

According to the statement, US President Donald Trump urged Iran to return Robert Levinson, an American former law enforcement officer, and also demanded that Tehran release Iranian-American Siamak Namazi and his father, Baqer, serving 10-year sentences as well as Chinese-American Xi-yue Wang, who also recently received a 10-year term.

Qassemi said those mentioned in the White House statement face charges under the laws of the Islamic Republic which are being accordingly addressed. He also reiterated that Levinson had left Iran years ago and Tehran has no knowledge of his fate.

He added that just like other democratic countries, Iran has a “completely independent” judiciary system which is responsible for a precise and fair judicial investigation into any act against the country’s national security in accordance with the Islamic Republic’s regulations and separation of powers.

He emphasized that Iran would adopt measures in response to any move or conduct against the country “within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regulations.”

“The issuance of meddlesome and threatening statements by American officials and bodies will never have any impact on the determination of Iran’s judicial system to put on trial and bring to justice those who violate the country’s laws and national security,” the Iranian spokesman pointed out.

He noted that the US administration is pursuing an incorrect and illegal approach by threatening other countries and interfering in their internal affairs.

“Such threats emanate from the meddlesome and hegemonic nature of the US administration,” Qassemi said, adding that the Iranian nation has a rich experience of refusal to give in to bullying and hostile acts.

He also urged the American officials to immediately release Iranians who have been detained in the US in recent years over unfounded allegations and are suffering in the country’s prisons. American officials must also stop prosecuting Iranian nationals in other countries, Qassemi said.