Maria Zakharova

Russian embassy in Tehran target of cyber attack

IRNA – Russian Foreign Ministry email account and certain affiliated centers, including Russian embassy in Tehran, were targets of hackers’ attack, it was announced on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Saturday that the email account of Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow and certain affiliated centers were newly target of a robust cyber attacks which left substantial consequences.

Investigations prove that data sources of the central establishments of Russian Foreign Ministry, representative bureaus in different parts of the country and foreign offices were subject of extensive cyber attacks on June 2, she said.

She went on to say that on the day, 138 fake emails were sent to the
Russian Foreign Ministry website (mid-ru). To send the emails, former post of Russian embassy in Tehran was used, she added.

The source of the emails has been registered to be Hungary and the messages are so that as if the email address of the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Ministry had been the sender.

The hackers had been successful to find access to the email accounts of certain users and other information sources of Russian Foreign Ministry, she said.

‘To repel the cyber attack, necessary measures have been adopted.
Following the attacks, the email account of Russian Foreign Ministry website was out of access for four days and technical measures were taken in the period,’ she said.

The official said Russian Foreign Ministry had put information on the hacker attack at the disposal of the federal security organization so as to
guarantee security of its internet sources.

This is not the first time the internet sources and email accounts of Russian state run organizations are hacked by hackers.