JCPOA can be kept if members are committed: Envoy to UK

IRNA – On the occasion of the second anniversary of the Iran-G5+1 nuclear deal, Ambassador of Iran in London Hamid Baeidinejad wrote in his Telegram account that keeping the nuclear deal rests on all sides’ commitment to its total materialization.

Baeidinejad wrote the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is globally considered to be the biggest achievement of diplomacy in the last few decades to have put an end to “one of the most difficult and complicated recent international crises.”

Saying that the deal has been a step forward to “safeguarding and strengthening regional and international peace and security”, Baeidinejad then counted the gains of Iran through the JCPOA as stabilization of nuclear rights of Iran, terminating destructive sanctions on Iranian economy in fields such as banking, oil, gas, petrochemicals, transportation, navigation, and airplanes purchase.

Baeidinejad added, “Positive effects of the deal on the Iranian economy resulted in the eight-percent economic growth after decades.’

“Taking Iran’s special situation into consideration, the JCPOA provided us with an opportunity to establish strategic ties with our neighbors, especially Iraq,” he added.

Upon taking office, the US government announced that they were going to rip the deal up, however, they have never been able to do so since it is based on solid principles, Baeidinejad wrote.

Saying that The US government started to build the Mexico border wall, violated the previous US government’s “historic deal” with Cuba unilaterally, and worst of all, left the Paris climate accord, Baeidinejad wrote that although the US government has never had any scruples about violating bilateral and multilateral deals, they haven’t yet been able to take any actions against the JCPOA and have had to concede that they will remain committed to it.

Saying that during the U.S. election race, US President Donald Trump branded it ‘the worst deal ever negotiated’, and told the voters he would either rip it up or seek a better agreement.

However, in several cases the US government had to remain loyal to it: Trump ordered continuation of suspension of sanctions against Iran as required under the terms of the nuclear agreement; bending to the world community will, the US had to confirm in Valencia, Spain, that Iran has been clean of money laundering accusation

Baeidinejad said although the US government has not been able to violate the JCPOA, its actions have led to a kind of caution and prudence on the part of big commercial companies and banks to establish economic ties with Iran.

The ambassador concluded the JCPOA is an international and multilateral deal and no country can unilaterally decide its fate; saving it requires commitment from all members to materialize all its content.