President: Mosul liberation pleasant for all regional nations

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that liberation of Mosul and people’s victory over Daesh terrorists pleased not only the people of Iraq but also the Iranian people and all the regional nations.

Speaking in a cabinet meeting, President noted that nobody has forgotten the day when terrorists occupied Iraqi cities and aimed to occupy other cities including Erbil and Baghdad and the history has not forgotten the fact that Iran was the first country to support Iraqi nation against terrorists.

Big countries which destabilized the region in the past 16 years by military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan did not act against terrorists and were happy for selling more weapons, he added.

President also criticized certain regional states’ manipulation of terrorism, adding that today, world confesses correctness of Iran approach.

He referred to Iran’s (War Against Violence and Extremism) WAVE proposal which was approved in the UN in 2013 and said terrorists’ brutally was unprecedented in history.

It takes time to fight the ideology of terrorism and it is much more difficult than fighting terrorists themselves, the President added.

He referred to Iranian nation’s dignity and power and noted that all countries’ officials including the US officials should avoid expressing improper remarks against Islamic Repulic.

Islamic Republic has always showed that it has a wisely and rational policy and seeks peaceful solution to complicated international problems, the President added.

He hailed resolution of Iran nuclear issues including the Possible Military Dimension (PMD) and said today, US decision makers have a very difficult job to decide about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between Iran and the G5+1.

Rouhani noted that violation of the nuclear agreement is now very costly for the ill-wishers.