Iran all set to talk with Turkey’s thinkers

IRNA – Iran is ready for multi-layer consultations with Turkey’s politicians and thinkers at different levels, said the Deputy for Education and Research of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a visit to Ankara on Friday.

“Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Center for International Research and Education is willing to accept Turkish thinkers and their attendance in Iranian scientific sessions with the goal of deepening and developing bilateral and regional ties,” said Kazem Sajjadpour, Head of the Center for International Research and Education and President of Institute for Political & International Studies (IPIS) of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kazemi in a visit to the Head of the center for Iranian Studies in Ankara said, “Common threats against both Iran and Turkey, trans-regional maps against the region and the territorial integrity of the countries in the region, Qatar crisis, conspiracy against the Islamic movements and betrayal to the Islamic Ummah and Palestine in Qatar crisis framework lead Tehran and Ankara to take joint measures and actions.”

“Iran and Turkey are entering a new path for bilateral strategic and regional realms of cooperation,” he also added.

He also surveyed new realms of cooperation between the two countries as well as reviewing the latest regional and international developments.