Killing civilians result of Saudi war on Yemen: Expert

IRNA – Saudi war on Yemen with huge expenditure had nothing but massacre of Yemenis, epidemic diseases, famine, and devastation of the country, says a political expert on the Middle East.

“Saudi war on Yemen has cost $70 billion so far, with no results but killing of civilians, famine, cholera, & destruction of a country,” tweeted Dr. Abbass Kadhim, an Advisor at the Centre for Academic Shi’a Studies in London on Friday night.

In this regard, the World Health Organization has announced in a field report that the number of fatalities by cholera in Yemen has exceeded 900 people.

Saudi Arabia along with some other countries and Arab states waged a war against Yemen in March 2015 and laid naval, aerial, and ground siege to the country in order to bring the resigned fugitive President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi back to power.

The Saudi coalition attacks on Yemen had no result but the slaughter of more than 12 thousand people, leaving scores of thousands wounded, displacement of millions of others and the destruction of the country’s infrastructures.