Shamkhani warns of US plans for new Middle East

MNA – Iran’s SNSC Head Shamkhani warned of US pursuit of policies for a new Middle East by creating divisions among regional countries under religious, ethnic and political pretexts.

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani made the remarks on Sunday in the opening ceremony of the 9th General Assembly of the Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU) in Mashhad, also warning political actors against falling into this “dangerous trap” laid by the US.

“There is no difference between Democratic or Republican administrations in US when it comes to pursuing plans for a new Middle East aimed at weakening political and geographical capacities and gaining more purchase on resources and capitals in our region,” he added.

Shamkhani went on to stress, “one must avoid falling into any form of religious extremism in media and all disputes which merely benefit foreign intelligence services and the hegemonic system.”

“The Islamic World’s capacities and potentials must be used instead for actualization of such priorities as economic growth, further influence in global equations, and establishment of peace and security,” he added.

The Iranian senior official further blamed joint cooperation of foreign-backed diplomacy and media in the region for the fact that covert blackmails are now becoming overt and public and normalizing relations with the Zionist regime as the “greatest enemy to Muslims and Islamic world” is no longer considered shameful.