Israel scared of Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon front

IRNA –The new security developments in the region have strengthened the front spanned from Iran to Iraq, Syria and lebanon; the front of which the Zionist regime is scared, a Lebanese military expert said.

Regional military deployment is forming for the next stage. Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces, Syrian army and the allied forces, as well as Hezbollah are the main players on the ground, Elias Hanna told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Saturday.

‘The new situation covers a vast area from Quneitra in Golan heights to Lebanon, Syria and Iraq borders and Iran,’ he added in his exclusive interveiw with IRNA.

Iran in the massive front with its rapid-response forces and various missiles have become a headache for Israel, the former Lebanese General believed.

As to Iran’s missile attack against the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS) in Syria on June 18, he said that the step boosted Iranian people morale, as the ballistic missiles attacked the small targets from a 600-kilometer distance. It shows that Iran has reached an advanced phase in manufacturing missles and can rely on them as a deterrent power, according to the Lebanese veteran military expert.

“These indications show that all US military bases in the region, the Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, and the whole Palestine are reachable by Iranian missiles,’ he added.