Trump the abominable condones terror in Iran – “They Had it Coming”

American Herald Tribune |Catherine Shakdam: If ever there was a time for unconditional solidarity among nations one would expect that a tragedy as cataclysmic as a Terror attack at the heart of one of the world’s capitals would qualify …

If ever there was a time for nations to rise above their conflicting geopolitical ambitions to testify to the sanctity of human life, one would hope that an attack on a nation’s national security and integrity by terror militants would be just that … but that would be to assume some degree of decency, when all certain individuals – or should I stay systems, can master, is cold neoconservative pragmatism.

As far as repugnant and dishonorable go, US President Donald Trump, America’s very own Caligula, has set a new benchmark – one that will most likely haunt America for generations to come. For a head of state to feel such entitlement to his cruelty and self-righteousness in his own hegemonic hunger, a nation must have fallen pretty far indeed on the ladder of moral decay.

On the wake of Tehran’s twin terror attack the United States’ Commander in Chief, the man a nation felt so inclined as to elect as its leader, representative and altogether guardian of its institutions stood before nations to rationalise the validity of Terror when directed against one’ enemy.

On June 7th, 2017 gunmen and suicide bombers affiliated to Daesh terrorized central Tehran, hitting parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in attacks that left 12 dead and 42 injured.

Several hours after the attacks, the White House, issued a statement addressing Iran’s tragic day. But rather than extending a hand in understanding, or simply issuing a traditional message of condolence, the president essentially cast blame back on Iran itself:

“We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, and for the Iranian people, who are going through such challenging times. We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.”

Beyond Trump’s sheer disregard for human life, we must come to realise that the narrative Trump’s comments betray, mirror almost word for word that of al-Qaeda when one lunatic Wahhabi-infused, Saudi-brainwashed Osama bin Laden uttered after his terror outfit claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attack in New York.

Suddenly Trump’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia and the very “Lord of the ring” moment he shared with King Salman ibn Saud as they stood before an illuminated globe somewhat echoes of something far more sinister than the inflated ego of madmen stating their claim over world politics.

Could it be that America, the land of the brave and the free rationalised Wahhabist Saudi Arabia’s crusade against all world religions?

If you thought that only Shia Islam stood in the firing line of Saudi Arabia’s dogmatic exclusionism, you may want to cast your eyes towards Mecca – that holy city Wahhabism has sullied with its sectarianism, for the kingdom’s highest religious authorities have called many times over for all faiths to be disappeared by the sword … wherever they may stand, wherever they may hide, drive them out and kill them …

Interestingly enough President Trump too, finds such rhetoric appealing … was it not his Excellency who vociferated such words while in Riyadh earlier this year?

“Drive them out. Drive them out of your places of worship,” Trump said, “drive them out of your holy land. Drive them out of this earth.”

Summing up Trump’s move and repercussions Jefferson Morley wrote in AlterNet: “An ignorant and embattled commander-in-chief has aligned the United States with Saudi’s theocratic monarchy and its international brigade of Sunni foot soldiers, known as ISIS [Daesh]. The militants of ISIS are Wahhabists, devotees of a Saudi fundamentalist tradition, which abhors Shiism, democracy and women’s rights as contrary to the wishes of Allah. ISIS [Daesh] loathes the heretics of Iran even more than it despises the infidels of the West.

As ISIS lost ground in Iraq and Syria earlier this year, it promised (via a video) to strike in Iran for the first time. Now ISIS [Daesh] has made good on its threats — and the militants, whom Trump likes to describe as “radical Islamic terrorists,” get a pass from the White House.”

I would take that analysis one step further and posit that more than just a “pass” Mr Trump offered Daesh and the ideology that carries it a veneer of legitimacy by inferring that criminality lied in the recipient of terror, and not the act of terror itself. This I believe gives a whole new meaning to the formula: state-sponsored terrorism.

Enamoured with the wealth Saudi Arabia claims to be wielding – emphasis on claim since the kingdom’s finances are unravelling at the seams, Trump the 45th has proven only too willing to promote Terror as a mean to strike thy enemy.

Forget previous claims made by political experts and commentators that America has played a hand in fanning terror to forward its perpetual race for global domination, Trump’s tirade now sits the US as a promoter, and agent of Terror since it is together justifying and supporting both the narrative of Terror and acts of terrorism.

If you look back to 9/11 and how Iran reacted to America’s brush with Terror you will find a stark contrast … Iran you see understands that beyond  the furore of politics, human life sits sanctified and therefore should never be forfeited to the shadows.

On the night of 9/11 some60,000 Iranians observed a moment of silence in a soccer stadium; hundreds more marched with lit candles in the streets of Tehran, and millions offered their condemnation over social media.

But it was the statement of Iran’s then-President Mohammad Khatami that shows how distasteful the White House response to the attacks in Tehran today really was: “My deep sympathy goes out to the American nation, particularly those who have suffered from the attacks and also the families of the victims,” Khatami said on Iranian television. “Terrorism is doomed, and the international community should stem it and take effective measures in a bid to eradicate it.”

How abominable for a nation such as the United States of America to claim the moral high ground when its leadership cannot bring itself to show compassion at a time of crisis?

How despicably treacherous for the White House to use the blood of the innocent to infer that blame lies not on Terror but its victims?

Such a rhetoric screams too much of fascism for any of us to dare ignore.