Zarif & Miroslav Lajčák

FM Zarif: Political talks best solution to regional conflicts

MNA – Iranian foreign minister Zarif said exerting pressure and military aggression are wrong choices for settling regional disputes, stressing the need for political talks instead.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remark in connection with Saudi Arabia’s severing ties with Qatar, and in a meeting with his Slovakian counterpart Miroslav Lajčák in Norway.

The meeting was held on Tuesday on the sidelines of Oslo Forum, which according to Zarif, provides an opportunity for representatives of over 100 countries to discuss important international issues, particularly about security, peace-building and prevention of breakout of hostilities.

During his meeting with Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčá, Zarif further highlighted that Salafi ideology adopted by Wahhabism was the root of extremism in the region.

The Slovakian top diplomat, for his part, extended condolences to Zarif over the recent terrorist attacks on Tehran which killed 17 people and injured dozens more.

He further underscored commitment of European countries to the implementation of the nuclear deal signed between Iran and the 5+1 groups of countries in July 2015.

Mr. Lajčák also voiced his country’s readiness to continue bilateral cooperation with Iran.