Battle for Mosul Day 213: Iraqi forces resume operation to recapture Mosul’s old city

FNA- The comprehensive military campaign by Iraqi military forces to liberate the Northern city of Mosul from ISIL militants continued on Tuesday, as local reports said the Iraqi forces continued military operation to capture the ISIL hideouts in Mosul’s Old City.

Iraqi Forces Resume Military Operation to Recapture Mosul’s Old City

The Iraq’s Federal Police declared that Baghdad forces continued military operation to capture Mosul, killing fourteen ISIL militants in Mosul’s Old City.

“Federal Police troops in al-Zanjili district, North of the Old City, are deploying addition troops toward al-Sihha district in order to gain control on all of the area, amid missile shelling,” Lt.Gen.Shaker Jawdat said, Iraqi News reported.

“The selling targets ISIL defenses ahead of advancing,” he said adding that “the drone shelling left 14 militants killed and nine motorbikes in the narrow alleys of the Old City, destroyed.”

The Old City is home of the ancient Grand Nuri Mosque, from which the group’s Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gave a famous sermon in 2014 declaring the establishment of the ‘caliphate’.

Iraq Volunteer Forces Arrest ISIL Leader in Charge of Ezadi Woman Capture

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) arrested an ISIL leader in charge of captivating Ezadi women and anaesthesia in ISIL-held hospitals.

“During investigations with ISIL leader abu Shaimaa al-Batiouti, he confessed participation in several surgeries for the ISIL militants,” Ahmed Nasrullah, a senior PMF commander said, Iraqi News reported.

“Batiouti is in charge of anaesthesia in ISIL hospitals including Ba’aj. He carried out several surgeries to the terrorists,” Nasrullah added.

“He also admitted being responsible for cesarean deliveries and captivating of Ezadi women in Baaj,” he added.

Major General Ma’en al-Saadi, chief of the Iraqi second anti-terrorism special operations, confirmed that ISIL is now using women to protect its final holdouts in Mosul.

ISIL Reportedly Resorts to Women to Protect Last Holdouts in Mosul

The ISIL terror group started to use women to defend its last holdouts in Iraq’s second largest city, military sources said.

“In a bid to impede the Iraqi forces’ progress, ISIL terrorists began to spread snipers in the old city of Mosul, beside using suicide bombers and car bomb attacks,” the Iraqi general command said, Ara News reported.

Clashes have intensified between the US-backed Iraqi forces and ISIL militants in the vicinity of the old city of Mosul over the past few days. Both sides are locked in fierce clashes in the neighbourhoods of the medical city and al-Seha.