US at the crossing of democracy & dictatorship

May 28, The Iran Project | Ali Hassan Heidari: The constitution of the United States of America describes this country as a democracy. Throughout its history the US has presented itself as an advocate of democracy, bearing heavy costs for promoting what it calls the expansion of democracy in the world. Washington has launched and managed many wars in the name of promoting democracy, occupied tens of countries, formed many violent extremist groups such as Taliban in Afghanistan and ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

In its attempts to promote the so-called democracy, the US has not only borne heavy costs but also inflicted considerable damage to the target countries. Many countries have been destroyed in the name of establishing democracy, their infrastructures demolished and millions of innocent people, women and children have been killed. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nakazaki in Japan, supporting Saddam Hussein during the eight-year war against Iran, proxy war through US-founded terrorist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq are few examples of Washington’s horrible Machiavellian war in the world.

Washington’s contradicting political actions with regards to foreign policy and diplomatic management of the country has cast doubts on the sincerity of the American officials. On one hand they introduce themselves as the just leader of the world, interfering in the affairs of other countries through soft and hard policies in the name of democracy, publishing annual reports on human rights in other countries and on the other hand strikes arms deals with dictatorships that brutally suppress their own people.

The United States forms alliances with dictators to thwart democratic countries that hold free election and fight against occupation, suppression, authoritarianism and terrorism. Such contradictory actions will call into question Washington’s sincerity and integrity among the elite and aware people of the world.

Nowadays the world’s public opinion, political and cultural elites as well as lawyers are raising questions about Washington’s contradictory actions:

  1. How can a country that has waged many wars in the world, killing millions of people in the name of democracy, constantly talks about advocating democracy?
  2. Why the US always supports dictatorships that have never hold an election?
  3. What is the view of the US foreign policy towards democracy and free election?
  4. What importance do fairness, justice and political merit have as the keywords of democracy?
  5. Why does the US have better relations with authoritarian states?
  6. Why are the US allies mostly authoritarian regime?
  7. What is the view of US diplomacy towards political ethics?
  8. Why is the US fears real democracy and free election in the world including Iran?
  9. Why is the US fearful of the fall of its authoritarian allies in the Arab world?
  10. Why is Donald Trump, who spoke against dictatorship and suppression within the United States and the evil dominance of Republicans as well as Democrats during his campaign, supports the strongest and most violent authoritarian state (Saudi Arabia) by travelling to this country?
  11. Why is US trying to install dictators such as Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein in countries where revolution has toppled authoritarian regimes?