Saudis show angry response to pro-Iran remarks by Qatari emir

IRNA – The Saudi and pro-Saudi media in the region showed harsh reaction to Qatari emir’s remarks that was denied later.

The Qatari state TV’s nighttime newscast on Tuesday showed clips of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani at the ceremony with the anchor not mentioning the comments, though a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen had the remarks. They included calling Hamas ‘the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people,’ as well as saying Qatar had ‘strong relations’ with Iran and the United States, dispatches reported.

‘Iran represents a regional and Islamic power that cannot be ignored and it is unwise to face up against it,’ the ticker read at one point. ‘It is a big power in the stabilization of the region.’

Saudis security officials filtered several Qatari news outlets, including al-Jazeera website, and the Saudi media wrote several articles against Qatar and its rulers.

Few hours after the controversial statements appeared on Qatar News Agency (QNA), the country’s govoernment’s communication team was forced to downplay them, saying that the news agency’s website was hacked. However, the report was simultaneously posted in different languages and social media platforms, where they remained, dispatches noted.

It is worth to note that Qatar is an active player in the region and it has established good relations with Iran over past four years.

Iran and Qatar have opened a new page in both bilateral and regional cooperation and their cooperation can consolidate regional stability.

Harsh reaction of Saudis towards an unconfirmed report has its roots in their imaginary fear.

Recent visit by US President Donald Trump to Riyadh and the huge arm deal contract between the Saudis and Washington proves the fact that Saudi rulers do not have a right understanding of the region realities.

Despite Iran and Qatar efforts to resolve regional problems through dialogue, unfortunately Saudis have adopted an irrational approach towards their neighbors.

Saudis’ destabilizing role in the region and their role in creation and continuation of terrorism in Syria and Yemen is undeniable and on the contrary, Qatar-Iran close cooperation can boost regional stability and security.