Lawmakers condemn crimes of Bahraini gov’t

IRNA – The members of Majlis (Parliament) in a statement on Wednesday condemned the crimes being committed by the Bahraini government.

In their statement, 154 out of total 290 parliamentarians expressed protest against the arrest of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Ahmed Qassim who is the senior leader of Shia Muslims in Bahrain.

The statement, which was read out by Ahmad Amirabadi, says that the Bahraini government’s unfair verdict against Sheikh Isa Qassim has come from unfounded charges.

Such a verdict and the arrest of Sheikh Isa Qassim after the Bahraini security forces attacked his house on Tuesday which happened after the ominous travel of US President Donald Trump to the region are cause of concern for the Iranian nation and Majlis as well, the statement noted.

Strongly condemning the inhuman and anti-religious action taken by Al Khalifa and Al Saud, the lawmakers expressed support for the Bahraini people to obtain their legitimate rights.

Through the statement, the members of the parliament warned Al Khalifa against continuation of their anti-religious policies in Bahrain and denial of the people’s legitimate rights which will bring unpredictable outcomes.

Iran’s Majlis, the statement stressed, considers the verdict against Sheikh Isa Qassim, his arrest and killing of defenseless people as unacceptable, stressing that Majlis will take appropriate measures to fulfill the rights of the Bahraini people.

The signatories also underlined that the Iranian government has duty to review ways to support the Bahraini people.