President vows to fulfill campaign promises

MNA– President Rouhani ensured he would fulfill his presidential campaign promises to the Iranian nation.

President Rouhani talked among the reporters after he held a meeting with Leader of Islamic Revolution and paid tribute to the Late Imam Khomeini (AS), the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, at his tomb on Tuesday to renew allegiance to him and the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense.

President Rouhani ensured the Iranian people that he is committed to implement and realize the promises.

“In this election, more than 41 million people voted, while about 4 million were still in the lines and did not have a chance to vote. In the 12th round of presidential elections, people marked an incomparable 45-million turnout for the first time in Iran’s history,” Dr. Rouhani added.

“If today we are proud of Iranian nation’s turnout, it is because Imam showed us this path. Imam always told us that people must take part in determination of their future and that the yardstick was people’s votes”, he noted.

Rouhani underlined that the presence, participation, dedication and vitality of Iranian nation has increased his responsibility towards the fate of the country a hundredfold.