Grand ayatollah cautions against enemies’ gradual infiltration into Islamic society

IRNA – Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi said here on Tuesday that the enemies are tying to gradually sneak into the Islamic society.

Speaking in a local gathering, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi urged clerics and missionaries to exercise vigilance against the gradual intrusion of evil spirits on the Islamic society.

He underscored that the Western bullying powers have always been trying to eliminate the name of Islam but the late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini stood firmly against their sinister efforts.

“Nowadays,You can see very few manifestations of real Islam in Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia,” he said, underscoring that all aspects of life in these two Islamic cities have been westernized.

Washington is selling weaponry to Riyadh to make them dependent, asserted the ayatollah.

Hailing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s recent military achievements, he said the country is manufacturing missiles for not being dependent on the Western countries.