Iran’s 2017 presidential election

Press TV – Campaigning for the presidential election in Iran has become more heated these days as the hopefuls are doing their best to garner votes.

Meanwhile the Guardian Council monitors their activities. Presidential candidates have already extended their campaigning into the newspapers and social media.

Presidential advertisements are all over the place in the cities. Guardian Council on the other hand is monitoring the candidates’ activities in a bid to prevent any sort of violation of the campaign laws. As we wind down to the final stretch of Iran’s presidential election campaigns, Iran’s newspaper headlines cover candidates daily schedules by highlighting their daily campaign events, their gatherings and more; From criticizing candidates future economic plans to praising their foreign policies, candidates are all over newspapers, websites and social media.

If the candidates violate the campaign laws, as they spokesman of the Guardian Council has said, will be disqualified for the next presidential elections. People who use fake ID to vote or delve into buying off votes will be fined or put in prison.