Bahram Qassemi

Iran vows to prevent aggressive moves against Turkey from bordering areas

FNA- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi announced Ankara’s intention to construct a wall at common borders with Iran, and said Tehran would never allow any hostile group to make an aggressive move against Turkey.

“The wall will be built with a little distance from the zero point at the borderline. The Turks have their special problems and think that certain groups can traffic through these points,” Qassemi said in a press conference in Tehran on Monday.

Stressing that Iran doesn’t allow any group to take action against Turkey through the shared borders, he said, “We assure Turkey that we defend our common border with maximum power.”

“We hope that Turkey adopt its policies and measures through the same outlook to have secure borders,” Qassemi said.

A high-level Turkish official told Hürriyet daily last Monday that Ankara plans to build a wall on its border with Iran to prevent Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants from entering the country from a camp in Iran.

This as Iran is also fighting a PKK offshoot in its northwestern border region with Turkey. Iranian forces killed five PJAK terrorists in an ambush there last June.

PJAK randomly carries out hit-and-run attacks on Iranian targets, after which they retreat to their lairs in Iraq and Turkey.

Turkey has previously built more than 550 kilometers of wall along the Syrian border in order to prevent the PKK and ISIL Takfiri terrorists from carrying out acts of terror.