Iran’s elections symbol of security, stability: Analyst

IRNA – A Lebanese analyst of international issues says, holding the May 19 elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran serves as a symbol of security and stability of the country in a volatile region.

Talking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Friday, Sadeq al-Nablusi, said that the elections in Iran is expected to influence regional and global equations.

Its significance lies in the fact that it is being held after the elections in the United States and Britain and following the election of hardliners to the office in the West.

A graduate of international relations, al-Nablusi said that the security and stability found in Iran despite all the dire conditions in the region, is one of the advantages of the country.

Maintaining the security and stability demands a strong government blessed with independence and rationality to stand against plots of the enemies aimed at disrupting security in the country, he said.

Describing elections as a strong point of the Iranian system, he said that the US has always tried to tarnish the democratic image of Iran.

But, by holding the elections, the Islamic Republic let the world countries know about existing political freedoms in Iran and exposes at the same time the US false propaganda against the country.

Surely, the upcoming election will help strengthen strategic power of Iran in the face of regional developments, al-Nablusi said.

The message of Iran’s elections is that the country is looking for promoting ties with the world and neighboring nations and to publicly announce that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not accept the logic of war on the global scene; rather it is seeking to establish better relations with its neighbors and the world, he said.

“Iran, as a regional and international player, has put high on its agenda establishment of security and stability and considers dialogue as the main means to settling disputes and promoting cooperation,” he said.

Iran’s 12th round of presidential election will be held on May 19.