Presidential hopeful: Expansion of ties with neighboring countries vital

IRNA – Presidential hopeful Mostafa Hashemi Taba said Iran should attach great importance to promoting cooperation with its neighboring countries.

Hashemi Taba made the remarks during the second group debate of presidential candidates, aired on the state television Friday evening with political and cultural issues in the spotlight.

Touching upon the prevailing threats in the Middle East, he said the regional countries should tackle these threats.

He added all the capacity of foreign policy should be utilized to serve the country’s interests.

Hashemi Taba also called for reinforcing military forces and supporting cultural figures in the country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran should increase its cultural and advisory assistance to its neighboring countries, he said.

The Iranian government, like Japan and the US, should have strict supervision on the use of cellphones by children in the country, he said, adding that the move doe not run counter the issue of freedom.

He said the government should prepare different scientific, cultural and artistic facilities for scientists.

Presidential hopeful also called for paying due attention to educations in the country.

He noted that cyberspace represents both opportunities and threats.