Iran values Germany’s role in setting EU independent policies

MNA – Head of Strategic Research Center Ali Akbar Velayati confirmed the Islamic Republic highly regards Germany’s role in determining Europe’s independent policies.

“We place great importance to Iran-Germany ties, due to the long history relations between the two countries, especially in the last two years,” Velayati said Saturday in a meeting with German State Secretary Markus Ederer.

He underlined that close meetings between the officials of the two countries indicate the development and deepening of relations.

Senior adviser to Iran’s Leader, noting that recent regional and international developments suggests the constructive role of Germany, said the role of Germany in setting the policies of European Union is crucial.

Pointing to the critical situation and tensions in the region, Velayati said it appears that some countries do not have an interest in resolving issues and seek to aggreviate the problems of the region.

“Islamic Republic of Iran plays an important role in establishing international peace and stability and preventing the division of the regional countries,” he noted.

Markus Ederer, for his part, said Tehran and Berlin possess a long-standing cultural ties which have helped in recent years deepen the bilateral relations.

Pointing to his meetings with Iranian officials, especially Mr. Velayati, saying “I am very optimistic about the result of the meetings; I think it will produce constructive outputs and improve the implementation of JCPOA, as well as regional and international issues that I think will be our common goal.”