Persian Gulf hosts war disabled swimmers

IRNA – Iran-Iraq 8-year war disabled veterans swam the distance between Lark and Hormuz islands to honor the Persian Gulf National Day on Monday.

Esmaeel Delshad, a disabled war veteran, said on Sunday that seven of veterans with serious disabilities and injuries swam the distance between Lark and Hormuz to honor the Persian Gulf National Day.

He added that the swimmers who had lost their legs, feet or eyes in the war, swam the 18-kilometer distance to show their capabilities in defending Islam and Iran.

On April 30, 1622, the 117-year Portuguese dominance over the Persian Gulf was ended by Imam-Quli Khan, the governor of Fars Province during the reign of Shah Abbas I, the strongest ruler of the Safavid Dynasty.

Recently, the day is marked as the National Day of the Persian Gulf in Iran.

In recent years, the oppressors in line with some regional countries have made every effort to distort the name “the Persian Gulf.”

In order to stress the cultural and historical identity of the Iranian nation, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution named April 30 “The Persian Gulf National Day” as the anniversary of expulsion of the Portuguese troops from the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf region.