Defense minister: Expansion of ceasefire in Syria on agenda

IRNA – Defense Minister Brigadier-General Hossein Dehqan said on Friday that Iran, Russia and Syria have agreed in a tripartite meeting to put the expansion of ceasefire in Syria on the agenda.

Dehqan made the remarks speaking to IRNA at the end of Moscow security conference.

He said that in the tripartite meeting, the three countries discussed the reasons behind US recent missile attack on a Syrian air base under the fabricated pretext of using chemical weapons by the Syrian government.

After the achievements made on the ground by the Syrian Army, the terrorists faced a confusing situation and lost their morale and needed their allies to express their support for them so that they would be encouraged to continue with their acts, the minister said.

He said what the US president did was in contrary to what he had said before as he had said the US would fight Daesh to uproot this terrorist group and that they would have nothing to do with President Bashar Assad.