Armed Forces’ defense capacities deterring enemy’s attacks

IRNA – Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Ministry in a statement on the Army Day described the country’s Armed Forces defensive capacities to swiftly respond to any threat as deterring factor and failure of dreams of the enemies front.

The statement was issued on the occasion of the Army Day in Iran celebrated every year on April 18 in the country.

The statement pointed to the role of the Iranian army men during the Islamic Republic era and in the battlefields of defending independence and territorial integrity as well as participation in confronting the plots of the counterrevolutionaries and global arrogance and recalling philosophy of late Imam Khomeini in issuing the historical message of April 18 of 38 years ago in protecting and reinforcing the army, and said, “Reviewing the sad event and crimes of the counterrevolutionary forces in Iran’s Kordestan region and the savage aggression of the Baathist regime of Saddam in the eight-year Iraqi-imposed war which took place with the direction of arrogant powers and support of the region’s reactionary forces shows that if there had not been the altruism and sacrifices of the Armed Forces, especially the brave army they enemies of Islam and Islamic Revolution have been gladdened and situation would have differed.

It went on to say that the victory of the Islamic Revolution and calling for ideals of the Iranian nation challenged the credibility and strength of the arrogant powers and by targeting them made the eastern and western leaders to face strategic plights so that they started whispering dissolving the army to prevent the needed grounds for formation of the country’s defense pillars and engage in subversive moves.

The army’s staggering advances in different military fields and gaining access to modern and up-to-date technologies which rely on self-belief and self-confidence has made the Islamic Iran to reach a point of strength and security which will make the enemies’ goals and plots to fail and fade away after facing the deterrence block of the powerful Armed Forces.