Arab intellectuals opposed to making relations with Israel: Iran

April 17, The Iran Project – A senior official at Iran’s Foreign Ministry says although some officials of Arab countries are trying to convince public opinion to accept having relations with Israel, Arab intellectuals and public opinion are still opposed to the Israeli regime and regard it as their enemy.

Mohammad Irani, Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Director General for the Middle East and North Africa made the remarks at the eighth session of Palestine Studies on “the relations between Arabic countries and Israel” on Monday.

Speaking at the session, Irani referred to the issue of Saudi Arabia as important, evaluating recent developments in Saudi Arabia- Israel relations.

He went on to say that Syria crisis and Iran nuclear deal are among the significant issues that have closed the positions of Israel and Saudi Arabia in recent years.

Israeli regime and Arabic countries that have long been associated are now planning to convince “public opinion”, that consider Israel as their enemy, to accept this relation.

During a recent trip to the United States, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Arab countries increasingly see Israel as an ally.

In reaction to Netanyahu’s claims, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani  warned against Israel’s bids to find allies among Arab countries of the region, calling on the countries of the region to remain vigilant in the face of Israeli plots, and said the Muslim world needs to clarify its position on the issue of Israel’s efforts to normalize its ties with Arab countries.

Most Arab governments have no official diplomatic relations with Israel. Even so, reports have indicated that several of them, including Saudi Arabia, have had secret relations with Tel Aviv.