Shamkhani & Zakir Hasanov

Iran criticizes use of big bombs by US in Afghanistan

IRNA — Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Sunday that the US’ use of unconventional bombs will not boost that country’s national security.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister Lieutenant General Zakir Hasanov.

US’ use of big and unconventional bombs in Afghanistan is illegal, Shamkhani added.

He noted that bombing the people of other countries will not strengthen the US national security.

US and some of its allies’ unilateral and destabilizing measures will only reinforce terrorist groups in the region and will thwart peaceful solutions to end the crises in the region, the official said.

He added that the danger of terrorism and its root causes, including Takfiri thoughts which is propagated by certain regional states, has entangled whole the region in to crisis and prevented progress of Islamic countries.

There are several cases of use of chemical weapons by the terrorist groups, Shamkhani said.

He called for appropriate reaction towards the use of chemical weapons by terrorist groups, and said that playing a blame game and giving wrong address will result in human catastrophes and use of such weapons in other countries.

Pointing to Iran and Azerbaijan Republic commonalities in various fields of defense, politics, religion and culture, Shamkhani underlined the need for promotion of relations on strategic issues.

The Azeri defense minister who in Tehran for an official visit said for his part that Baku is keen to enhance cooperation between the two countries.

He welcomed all initiations for boosting cooperation with Iran.

The official referred to the emergence of common threats, including Takfiri terrorist groups, and said that Iran has good experience in fighting terrorism and the two countries are continuing their consultations to thwart the threats.