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Grand air parade to be held on National Army Day: Commander

IRNA – Scores of jet rangers, transport, attack, and reconnaissance helicopters will participate in National Army Day epic parade over mausoleum of the late founder of the Islamic revolution Imam Khomeini on April 18.

Brigadier Yoosef Ghorbani said on Saturday that military forces parade show their authority and capability and this year valiant heroic pilots of the Army Aviation will have a dazzling display of total authority and courage.

Ghorbani said, “In this harmonious and well-organized performance, we are going to use operational experiences of our professional pilots as well as the knowledge of the younger ones so that the Army Aviation can put a part of its capabilities on display on April 18.

Every year, Iran commemorates the National Army Day nationwide with grand parades in which some units of the Iranian Army, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Basij (volunteer forces) participate on April 18.

He added, “Statistically speaking, the enormous capability of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a pivotal role and supreme importance in the region….. and today the Army Aviation forces don’t allow any invasion.”