Rouhani press Conf.

President Rouhani: Ballot box only solution to regional problems

IRNA— President Hassan Rouhani says the crisis in Syria should be settled through the ballot box.

When speaking about elections and going to the polls, we do not solely mean to refer to the Islamic Republic of Iran, but to all nations across the region, including Syria, President Rouhani said on Monday in a press conference attended by domestic and foreign reporters.

“The ballot box is the only solution,” said the President.

“We recommend the ballot box not only for Tehran, Isfahan and Iran, but for the entire region,” Rouhani said.

If all the nations across the region rely on the ballot box, they are going to see their problems gradually fading away and finally disappearing.

For Syria, too, we hope to see reforms coming along, the Iranian President said.

“This is vital for Syria,” he added.