World must act on US airstrikes in Syria: Iran MPs

Press TV- Iranian lawmakers say international bodies must take action on the recent US missile strikes against Syria, slamming the attack as a violation of the Arab country’s national sovereignty.

In a statement issued on Sunday, 228 Iranian legislators said foreign forces are suffering consecutive defeats in Syria.

US warships deployed to the eastern Mediterranean launched a barrage of 59 Tomahawk missiles against Shayrat Airfield in southeast of the western Syrian city of Homs on Friday.

Washington ordered the assault after accusing the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad of carrying out a chemical attack against the town of Khan Shaykhun in the northwestern province of Idlib on Tuesday.

The “illegitimate” move by the US to launch missile strikes against Syria is in line with efforts to support terrorists and create “a flicker of hope” for them to avoid further defeats and to boost their morale, the statement by the Iranian MPs added.

It further emphasized that the United Nations has also acknowledged that the Syrian government has relinquished possession of all it chemical weapons.

The US attack was in violation of the international law and a mere pretext to support terrorists and hinder the Syrian nation’s gains, the statement said.

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