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Politicians upset over Boeing deal with Iran

Iran’s Aseman Airlines has signed an agreement with Boeing for buying 60 twinjet narrow-body passenger planes from the US aviation giant. (Photo by Aseman Airlines)

RT– Boeing has announced a second deal with an Iranian airline, drawing howls from Capitol Hill. Republicans seeking to punish Iran oppose the agreement, though they may be powerless to stop it.

Members of Congress opposed to a 2015 nuclear agreement – signed by Iran and the US, among others – that lifted some economic sanctions on Iran expressed dismay with the Boeing announcement. The 2015 pact limited Tehran’s nuclear capabilities while easing sanctions imposed by the US on Iran and Iranian firms.

US Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) said the deal with an Iranian company is “concerning,” Bloomberg News reported, adding that he “maybe” will consider working to block it.

Yet Sens. Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) and John McCain (R-Arizona) said there isn’t much Congress can do to stop the deal.

“I have opposed the Iranian agreement and I am not interested in doing anything to help the Iranians but what they’ve done is completely legal,” McCain said, according to Bloomberg News. “They’ve got the money and it’s not a weapons system, so it doesn’t require any involvement from the Congress.”

‘s Aseman Airline signed big deal w/ @Boeing in to purchase 60 ‘737 Max’ planes

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