US ‘Should Impose New Sanctions’ on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Sputnik News– The United State should impose additional sanctions on Iran specifically targeting the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said in a speech to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Ryan said the US government should also target Iran’s main airlines to halt them from allegedly transporting troops and weapons to other countries in the Middle East.

“We should expand sanctions on Iran’s army of terror — the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps,” Ryan said on Monday. “I think we should designate them as a terrorist organization.”

“We should take steps to prevent Iranian airlines like Iran Air [the flagship air carrier of the Islamic Republic]… from delivering troops and weapons across the Middle East,” Ryan added.

Ryan criticized the Obama administration’s agreement to lift all international economic sanctions on Iran in the context of the six plus one nuclear agreement in 2015 as an unmitigated disaster.