Iran mulls development of major gas field in Persian Gulf

Shana– Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) has put development of Farzad B joint gas field high on its agenda, POGC’s managing director says.

Mohammad Meshkin Fam said the good news about the field is that it is owned 80% by Iran.

Besides Farzad B, POGC is also considering development of North Pars, Golshan and Ferdowsi fields.

Iran owns 20% of Farzad B, he said.
POGC is in talks with an Indian developer for developing the field.

The Farzad B gas field was discovered in 2012. It began production in 2013 and produces natural gas and condensates.
The total in-place reserves of the gas field are around 21.7 trillion cubic feet (620×109m3) of which around 60 percent is recoverable and production is slated to be around 1.1 billion cubic feet/day (31×106m3).