Bahram Qassemi

Iran ready to boost interaction with Persian Gulf littoral states

IRNA— Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi voiced Tehran readiness to boost interaction with Persian Gulf littoral states referring to President Hassan Rouhani’s last week visit to Oman and Kuwait as a sign of Iran good will and indicative of regional states’ interest to have balanced and reasonable ties with Iran.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Qasemi said that president’s trip to the two Arab states also reveals Iran’s resolve to promote bilateral relations with its southern neighbors and its belief in the necessity of interaction and dialogue in present system of international relations.

Despite the fact that President Rouhani visited Oman and Kuwait upon the invitation of Sultan Qaboos of Oman and the Kuwaiti Emir and it was a visit to only two Persian Gulf littoral states, but it indicated that ‘Iran is ready to improve and promote its interaction with all countries in the Persian Gulf region upon their own will and readiness.’

Asked about Iran’s clear response to the repeated and equivocal statements of Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Qasemi said, “We have always been seeking constructive and logical interaction with our all neighboring countries and this is an unalterable principle but provided that those countries too show necessary interest and seriousness.’

Iran has always sought relations based on sovereignty and non-interference in other countries’ affairs, he said, questioning whether Iran has attacked any country in the past 250 years? If it has cast a covetous eye on any country?

‘We have said it before and we believe that regional security and peace is only, and with the lowest cost, ensured through a collective move and solidarity,’ Qasemi stressed.

he added that regional states should learn from the episode of Saddam (Hussein) and the high prices paid for that.

Qasemi also called for cessation of repeating baseless accusations (against Iran), contending that foreign powers interference in the internal affairs of regional states will greatly damage regional countries’ relations.

Regional states should adopt policies based on collective cooperation in the Persian Gulf region to ensure security and solve regional issues, he said.

The spokesman regretted that certain neighboring states of Iran are pursuing anti-Iran policies both in word and in action and with their reliance on foreign powers to solve regional problems while Iran believes that the same foreign interference in regional affairs has inflicted greater damage to the bilateral relations of regional countries.

Stressing that making threats is not a way to solve problems, Qasemi said threatening Iran will have no result but wasting interests and resources.

He called for adopting collective efforts to pave the way for peace, stability and economic development in the region.