Tehran conference in support of Intifada to revive Palestine: Hamas spokesman

IRNA – Spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Sami Abu Zuhri says that Tehran’s international conference on supporting Intifada will revive the issue of Palestine.

The Palestinian Information Center reported on Tuesday that a delegation comprising the Hamas leaders will attend the international conference on supporting the Palestinian Intifada slated for Feb 21 in Tehran for two days.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a member of Hamas delegation, said Tehran conference on Intifada is an opportunity for revival of Palestine in the conditions that the regional countries are involved in their internal problems.

The Tuesday conference will be a chance for voicing out the problems of the Palestinian nation.

The Tehran conference will show the maximum support for the Palestinian resistance, the Palestinian Information Center quoted the Hamas official as saying.

Also, he added, the Tehran conference on Intifada will stress the unity among the Islamic Ummah and support for the issue of Palestine.

Hamas is interested in expanding ties with all Islamic and Arab countries, said he, stressing the Palestinian movement is willing to strengthen relations with Iran.