Shia clerics from Iran appeal for unity among Muslim sections

The Times of India– Shia and Sunni clerics on Sunday urged unity among all Muslim sects at a conference held at Salarjung Museum.
The conference, which was held on the topic of Itehaad Ummat Seerat Fatima Zahra Ki Roshni, was attended by dignitaries from Iran, including Ayatollah Sheik Mohsin Araki, the general secretary of World Forum For Proximity of Islam School of Thoughts. At the meet, Shia religious scholar and the president of Taqreeb Bayn Al-Mazahib, Araki said that ties between Shia and Sunnis in India must be strengthened

“Both sects should come forward to work together.The work cannot be done individually so we should be united. God has selected some people for this work and they do their work assigned by him,” said the Shia scho lar. Sunni cleric Maulana Mufti Abrar Ali Miraj hailed the Shia religious leader for bringing and promoting unity among Shia and Sunni people. The religious clerics hailed the Islamic Republic of Iran for efforts in enhancing unity among Shias and Sunnis, to ensure unity among all the Muslim sects.

The conference was organized by the Majlis-e-Ulemae-Hind and All India Sunni Ulemma and Sufia Board.

In the conference, other eminent scholars from India and Iran also stressed on the importance of unity of the Muslim ummah.