Velayati: Iran against separatism, interference in Iraq

IRNA – Head of Expediency Council’s Center for Strategic Studies Ali Akbar Velayati said on Sunday that Iran opposes separatism and foreign interference in Iraq.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with the visiting Special Representative of the UN Secretary- General for Iraq Ján Kubiš in Tehran, he added that if what happens in Iraq runs against its security and territorial integrity, it will also impact the entire region including Iran.

Asked about Iran’s reactions to the US new sanctions, he said this is not something new by the Americans and they have done against Iran whatever they have been able to.

“We have never seen good will towards Iran from the US statesmen since the victory of the Islamic Revolution,” said Velayati who is also the senior advisor of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in international affairs.

As to President Donald Trump’s statement that the US spent three trillion dollars in Iraq, but Iran gains the benefit and it should be stopped, Velayati said, “We do not count on the words of people talking irrationally.”

‘Americans inflicted huge losses on the Iraqi nation and imposed two destructive wars on them, he said, noting that they demolished all infrastructures including bridges, roads and factories which cost billions of dollars.’

Now, they suffer blackouts every day, Velayati said, noting that Iraqis should demand compensation from the Americans for their destructive measures.

Referring to his talks with the UN special envoy in Iraq affairs, he said that he had discussed territorial integrity and solidarity of the Arab state which should be strengthened day in and day out.

Iran opposes separatism in Iraq and meddling in its internal affairs, concluded Velayati.