Germany keen on developing relations with Iran

February 6,  The Iran Project – A group of German economic activists have expressed their interest in developing economic relations with Iran.

The 20-member German delegation from the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate, attended a meeting in Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) on Sunday, negotiating with the country’s private sector activists.

Rhineland-Palatinate economic activists are the second group, headed by the state’s Director General of the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Agriculture that have travelled to Iran during the past year. Several famous companies of Rhineland-Palatinate expressed their readiness to boost cooperation with Iran in different areas, such as chemicals, cables, oil, gas, petrochemical, fire equipment, and air and agriculture services.

In the meetingو Abolfazl Rahnama, Manager of Bilateral Relations for Intl. Affairs of Iran Chamber of Commerce said during the past year, on average a German economic delegation has visited Iran each month.

Stressing the potentials of Iran and the region’s market, Rahnama referred to the recent visit French Foreign Minister made to Iran along with a delegation of employers’ association.

Next Saturday, Iran’s Chamber of Commerce will welcome Sweden Prime Minister with an economic delegation as wellو he noted.

Joe Weingarten, for his part, stated that the local government in Rhineland Palatinate has always emphasized on the development of cooperation with Iran.