Iran’s coverage: Iran to use missiles to counter any hostile actions: Senior IRGC commander

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Iran will fire “roaring missiles” if threatened – Tasnim news

A Revolutionary Guards commander said on Saturday that Iran would use its missiles against enemies of the Islamic Republic if they threaten the country’s security.


IRGC Aerospace tests new missile systems in drill

The major phase of Defenders of Velayat at drill in desert province of Semnan has test-fired new missile systems that incorporate indigenous know-how.


Iran announces counter sanctions against US

Iran has announced counter-sanctions against the United States, and asserted that President Donald Trump has violated the nuclear deal with his sanctions against them.


Kuwait rejects rumors on travel ban for Iranians

Kuwaiti Embassy has dismissed Sat. false reports from certain mass media about Kuwait’s travel ban on five Muslim countries including Iran.


Iranian official says Tehran has sovereign right to boost its defense capability

Iran has a soverign right to work on strengthening its defense capability, ballistic misile tests are part of the country’s defense strategy, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, assistant to Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, said Friday.

Iran not care tuppence for US worn-out rhetoric: Veep

First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri says the Iranian people and the officials of the country do not care in the least for threadbare remarks made by the Americans.


Reciprocal visa ban not proper response to US: Iranian Judiciary Official

An Iranian Judiciary human rights official rejected as not good the notion that the Islamic Republic should impose a visa ban on American citizens in response to US President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban on seven Muslim countries, including Iran.

Iran launches first homegrown oceangoing research vessel

Iran’s first domestically-made oceangoing research vessel was launched in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas on Saturday.


US wrestling reacts to Iran barring

USA Wrestling said that neither they nor United World Wrestling have been officially notified that these reports are accurate.


Iranian baby will be allowed into US for life-saving surgery

Andrew Cuomo says an Iranian infant banned from entering the United States for life-saving heart surgery under President Donald Trump’s order will now be allowed to travel to New York for the emergency procedure.