Bahram Qassemi

Tehran expects Ottawa’s seriousness for tie resumption

IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, said on Monday that Canadian government is expected to be more serious and active in resuming ties with Tehran.

‘We hope Canadian government will act more seriously and actively; we too have necessary will for that within framework of conditions; we hope that such a positive event will be put in action eventually,’ said Qasemi in his weekly press conference when asked by reporters on the prospect of Iran-Canada relations.

Qasemi said steps still need to be taken for the ties to reach a specific point.

He said it was not Iran to severe relations, rather it was Canada to cut relations unilaterally and without any tangible reason.

“We hope that Canadian government will firmly attempt to restore relations between the two countries,” Qasemi said.

Severing political and diplomatic ties is so simple and easy and its restoration to whatsoever will, is not easy, he said.

Officials from both countries held talks in a third country to study improvement of relations, he said.

The two sides’ foreign ministers could conduct all-out talks at the UN General Assembly on resumption of ties under certain conditions but it has not been possible in the way it should be, he said.

“We are looking forward for removal of certain barriers created by Canada against government of the Islamic Republic of Iran either in the political or financial fields”, he said.

“We hope the few remaining issues will be removed at the earliest and reach necessary understanding and we can initially reopen the interest section offices of the two countries and nationals of the two countries can benefit from the early consulate services and we will get rid of the problems they are gripped with today; then we can make endeavors for promotion of the relations to the next level; however, steps still need to be taken and one should keep a little waiting,” he said.
“We hope Canadian government will more seriously take action and we have necessary will for the job within framework of our conditions,” he said.