Judiciary spox.: Zanjani notified with his death penalty verdict

MNA – Judiciary spokesperson has said the appeal court has overturned the primary court verdict of death penalty for second and third defendants in Zanjani’s case.

Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei who was speaking in his 107th press conference on Sunday told reporters that Mr. Babak Zanjani had received the final verdict by the Supreme Court judges who had confirmed the death penalty verdict of the primary court and overturned verdict of second and third defendants in oil corruption case.

Mohseni Ejei added that the interrogation had been carried out for two defendants, with Babak Zanjani also to be interrogated by the chief interrogator. On Plasco collapse, Mohseni Ejei briefly said that the event would hopefully provide examples and lessons to be learned by the authorities and the Municipality.