Turkey after compensating its failure in Aleppo

January 16, The Iran Project – Although Turkey is seeking to portray itself as advocator of peace and establishing a ceasefire in Syria, but the field observation indicates that this country’s behavior is proof of hypocrisy.

Turkey is ceasing every opportunities to reinforce terrorism and prevent the Kurds and the Syrian army from defeating  terrorists. Ankara is also trying to reorganize the terrorist groups aimed at compensating its failure in Aleppo.

In recent years, Turkey has been in quarrel with several countries and has no permanent friend. Perhaps, Qatar is considered as Turkey’s sole stable friend due to enjoying common interests in destructing Syria and massacre of the innocent people.

Meanwhile, due to Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the butchery of the Syrian people, Riyadh could be possibly considered as Ankara’s temporary friends.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s inhuman and hypocritical policy is quite evident in Syria. He is considered as a dictator who is trying to destroy the region via the ballot boxes and forming  new regional Khilafat.

It should be noted that nowadays, the world’s greatest terrorist groups have influential presence in Turkey.

In one hand, Turkey is sympathizing with Syrian people and in the other hand has created a blood bath in Syrian Albab city in northeast of Aleppo.

After clearance of Aleppo from terrorist by Syrian Army and its allies, Turkey did its best to save thousands of Takfiri terrorists, as well as dozens Turkish intelligence and operational forces that were helping Al-Qaeda terrorists in Aleppo.

Then suddenly, he joined a meeting attended by Tehran and Moscow aimed at forming truce in Syria through a political means. It is worth mentioning that,Turkey was not keen on formation of ceasefire in Syria in real and was trying to buy  times for terrorists.

After a few weeks, now informed sources insist that the Turkey National Intelligence Organization has organized tens of meetings with al-Nusra Front terrorists, Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, while  Tehran and Moscow were trying to find a way to tackle terrorists in this war-hit country.

One of these meetings have been held in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo attended by several Turkish officers and the ring leaders of the terrorist groups.

As per the circulated information, the Turkish officials have promised to supply the latest armaments for terrorist groups in near future, if they succeed  to have tangible progress in Syria before the upcoming inter-Syrian negotiations in the Kazakhstan capital, Astana.

According to the Turkey’s classifications, each of the terrorist group has been responsible to attack one of the axis in Syria.

For instance, the Turkistanis (Chinese) terrorists should attack Ithriya-Khanasser region in Syria. Meanwhile,  several groups also were responsible to attack north of Hama and Latakia and finally they should ambush west of the Aleppo.

The main attack order has been issued against Ithriya-Khanasser axis, because Turkey is eager to witness the blockage of this region before the meeting be held in Astana.

Ankara is trying to escalate the attacks in the Albab region before the Astana meeting to exert more pressure on Aleppo.

It is worth mentioning that, the presence of Turkistani and Ahrar al-Sham terrorist groups in this axis also indicate the importance of this axis.

It also seems that, Joma al-Zahra axis and  1070 Housing Project in west of Aleppo are among the other regions to possibly be targeted by terrorists.

Losing Aleppo is hard enough for Turkey that is trying to regain its control in this region through every possible way even entering a small region or a alley.