Nation’s political consciousness Iran’s asset

MNA– Iran’s Parliament Speaker, while appreciating people’s street marches on December 30th, 2009, deemed Iranians’ political consciousness as an invaluable possession.

Addressing the public session of the Parliament on the occasion of December 30th victory, Ali Larijani commemorated the historic day maintaining “amid internal political struggle various conspiracies by enemies, especially after the heinous and absurd acts during Ashura 2009, the Iranian nation pulled the knife on cruelty against the Revolution with their integrated and decisive presence in the scene.”

“The epic feat was the manifestation of national resolution in defending the Islamic values and adherence to the Revolution and the Leader’s prudence determined the country’s future path.”

He further emphasized that “in the critical situation when US, some Western countries and the Zionists employed trickery and seduction to cause turbulence in internal policies of Iran and, with immature and hypocritical thoughts, exploited heinous actions of Ashura day then to conduct new malicious adventures, the brave nation of Iran, enjoying religious and revolutionary fervor and strong will, took control of the scene.”

Ali Larijani evaluated the religious and political awareness as the greatest asset held by Iranians, a blessing which is unparalleled.