Iran wants security guarantees from Riyadh to send pilgrims to Hajj rituals

IRNA – Caretaker of Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization Hamid Mohammadi said on Monday that Iran’ main condition to resume sending pilgrims to Hajj rituals is to get security guarantees from the Saudi government.

Mohammadi said that Iran wants Riyadh government not to distinguish between Iranian pilgrims and pilgrims from other countries.

‘Our expectations from Saudi government are the same as the past year,’ the official said.

He said that according the International Customary Law, Riyadh government has to pay compensation to the families who lost their loved ones in human tragedy which took place in Mina near Mecca last year.

He said that the Foreign Ministry has initiated legal proceedings against Saudi government with Iranian Courts of Justice in line with the Universal Jurisdiction of the states to get compensation for the bereaved families.